Instructional Design Support

Instructional Design Support

This Service Available For:

  • Faculty
  • Instructors
  • Instructional Support Staff
  • Teaching Assistants

This service is integrated with our Course Website and Multimedia Development service to provide a full service suite ranging from instructional design and pedagogy support for course development to the technical consulting and production required to develop digital course materials.

Learning Technologies staff are available to consult with instructors on how they can meet their learning objectives by integrating appropriate technology into their curriculum.  Staff office hours are scheduled through the campus events manager, see

Contact Information:

1330A McHenry Library

We feature individualized consulting support to assist in achieving solutions that work for you and your students. We have expertise in bridging pedagogy goals with technology tools. We emphasize identifying and using the right technology for the situation (even if that's no technology!) and on designing and using learner-focused activities.

Assistance is available to help identify targeted learning objectives and to assess progress and success of tools, projects, and techniques against those objectives. We also provide support for experimentation with new technologies and methods.

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