ITS Emergency Employee Accounting Process

The purpose of this process is to account for all ITS employees when there is a campus emergency, evacuation, or regional disaster (fire, storm, flood, earthquake).


  • Get to safety! Before anything else, your safety is priority. Follow any CruzAlert instructions if applicable.
  • Each ITS employee should report to their immediate supervisor or designate as soon as practical. If leaving a message, make sure to include your name, phone number, status, and any other useful information.

When to do this:

You may be explicitly asked to report via CruzAlert or through the activation of the ITS DOC. Otherwise, use your judgment if there is a campus emergency, evacuation or regional disaster (fire, storm, flood, earthquake). When in doubt, it's better to check in with your supervisor than not.

SUPERVISOR STEPS TO TAKEsteps to take image

Additional responsibilities in addition to above for supervisors:

  • Know your staff's work status during their assigned work hours (are they working, out sick, on leave/vacation, telecommuting).
  • Make sure your staff has your contact information.
  • Be prepared to account for your staff. If you have not heard from your staff within a reasonable time after an incident, try to contact them.
  • Report your staff's status to your director. 
  • If your director is not available, report your staff's status to the Information Technology VC or to the ITS DOC if activated.

If you have questions about this process, contact your ITS director for your unit.