ITS Hiring Toolkit

If you are planning on hiring a new ITS staff person START HERE. This toolkit will help guide you through the entire hiring process. ITS partners with the Staff HR Talent Acquisition Center for every ITS staff hired. 

Step 1: Filling an Open Position

There are several staffing options available. Make sure you decide which option you are hiring for before proceeding to step 2. Options include: open recruitment, campus-only recruitment, non-recruitment, student employment and temporary staffing

Step 2: Job Description

Before you begin the recruitment process, update the current job description or write a new one. Use the Career Tracks template for non-represented positions. 

  • If you need help with writing the job description, contact Teresa Roffe in Staff HR.
  • Once the job description is complete, email a copy to Teresa Roffe so she can keep it on file.

Step 3: Approval Process

After the job description is complete, you will need approval by the Senior Management Team (SMT) in ITS to hire the position. Your director is responsible for obtaining approval from SMT. 

Recruiting Specialists: If you would like to use recruiting firms, this needs to be approved by SMT.

Step 4: Launch Recruitment

Once you have SMT approval, you will receive an email from Laurie Swan with instructions on how to launch the recruitment. It provides the details and steps of each stage and instructions for each recruitment task. In addition, the email will contain important information specific to your recruitment. 

Step 5: Recruitment Management System (RMS) Work Sheet and Advertising

RMS Work Sheet:

Part of the ITS recruitment process is to fill out and submit the Recruitment Management System (RMS) worksheet. Laurie Swan will be your point of contact during this process and will assist with the work sheet. 


Work with Laurie Swan on your advertising options. Costs and fees related to the recruitment of new employees, including advertising, travel, and accommodation expenses, are the responsibility of the hiring department.

Step 6: Job Posting Process

Campus Posting: Talent Acquisition will contact you once the job is posted on the RMS website. The general turnaround time is under one week. If Talent Acquisition needs additional information or has questions, they will contact you so this process isn't too delayed. All status inquiries must go through Laurie Swan.

Internal Department Posting: Once the job is posted in RMS, Lisa Bono will post it on the ITS Employment Opportunities website. 

Step 7: Search Committee

The purpose of using a Search Committee is to increase the likelihood that a better hiring decision is made. A Search Committee is any group of two or more people involved in the evaluation of applicants for a position. While you are waiting for Talent Acquisition to post the job on the RMS website, this is a good time to put together your search committee and to contact colleagues to see if they are willing to commit their time. 

All hiring managers are required to complete the Fair Hiring Training

Step 8: Identify and Interview Candidates

Once the Initial Review Date (IRD) has passed, you may begin reviewing the job application materials. Employment Services will contact you (within 1-2 days) to give you the RMS guest user account username and password to access the RMS system to view the job application materials. Make sure you invite your search committee to review the application materials.

If you need assistance with scheduling search committee meetings and interviews please contact Laurie Swan. Laurie will schedule the search committee meetings and interview times, and will contact the candidates.

Step 9: Make an Offer and Hire the Candidate

Remember, make sure to ALWAYS do Reference Checks before you make a final selection. Once you have selected the final candidate and review your decision with your director, contact the final candidate to make the informal offer. Cover the following topics in the informal offer to the final candidate:

  • Salary
  • Probationary period
  • Benefits
  • Start date
  • Schedule, e.g., Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM
  • Background check will be done
  • Official offer will be sent to the person by Staff HR

After the informal offer is made, contact Laurie Swan who will assist you with completing the RMS job offer work sheet and submitting. Once Talent Acquisition has received the work sheet, it takes less than one week for the formal offer to be made. All status inquiries must go through Laurie Swan. 

Records Disposition - After the selected candidate has accepted the offer, you will need to gather all documentation related to the recruitment (interview notes, reference checks, applicant selection log, committee notes) and send via campus mail to the Talent Acquisition Specialist you have been working with.

Once the final offer has been accepted, Lisa Bono removes the job position from the ITS website.

Step 10: Onboarding

The supervisor is required to read the Supervisor Onboarding Toolkit and begin working on the New Employee Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors before making an informal offer, as there are time-critical action items to complete before the new employee's arrival (i.e. identifying a work space, ensuring space has furniture and active phone, ordering computer, etc).

Upon notification from Staff HR that the new employee has been hired, Laurie Swan will notify the supervisor and other key ITS personnel who share critical action items in the onboarding process.