Reserving an ITS Projector

ITS has a number of data projectors that can be reserved for meetings. They are general resources, so any ITS staff member can use them, but they must be reserved in Google calendar. 

To add a projector to a meeting in Google calendar, select Room in the add line and type in ITS. A number of rooms and resources will appear in a drop down list. Scroll to the projector you want. 

To simply view a projector (or any resource) without adding it to a meeting:

  • Select the drop down arrow to the right of your Other Calendars
  • Select Browse Interesting Calendars
  • Select More at the top
  • Select Resources for (in blue)
  • Select ITS
  • Select the resource name

Click Preview if you would just like to view availability and Subscribe if you’d like it to show up in your Other Calendars for easy reference the next time you want to preview or book it.

Below is a list of the primary ITS projectors:

Building Location of Projector Room/Cube location Google Name Contact Person

ITS Scotts Valley

Cabinet outside of cube 3152C


Laurie Swan

ITS Scotts Valley

Cabinet outside of cube 3152C


Laurie Swan

Kerr Hall basement

Kerr 60


Vicki Davis

Communications Bldg., 1st floor

Communication 143*


Kerr basement

Kerr 61*


*In-room video equipment can be used for data presentation. Laptop required.