All purchasing in ITS requires prior approval from your unit manager or director. The two primary methods for purchasing goods and services are the pro card and CruzBuy. Additionally, many campus services are available through the recharge process. Contact your supervisor for instructions on the internal purchasing process specific to your unit.

Purchasing request for orders over $50K require SMT review and approval. Contact our purchasing team lead, Kathleen Rogers at 9-1762 to assist you with the formal bid process. It is recommended that you start the request process well in advance, as high dollar orders take additional processing time.

See the Procurement web site for more information.

Contact the budget analyst for your unit if you have questions.

What is a FOAPAL?

Every purchase at the university is tied to a FOAPAL. A FOAPAL is an accounting term for coding expenses to the correct university account. FOAPAL is an acronym for:


Every ITS unit has a FOAPAL/s assigned to it. FOAPAL information is provided by your unit budget analyst.