Employment Resources

Hiring New Staff / Filling a Position

All HR actions require prior approval from your unit manager or director. Please refer to the ITS Hiring Toolkit for step-by-step hiring instructions.

Instructions for Employee Action Requests (EAR):

All employee action requests must go through the ITS Classification Review Committee (CRC).

Below is the process:

  1. Director briefs VC IT and BRM director on proposed action, completing the ITS Classification Review Committee Briefing template.
  2. Director/manager/supervisor schedules meeting with Assistant Compensation Manager (Maria Gonzalez-Ivens) to brief her on particular request.
  3. Director (and relevant manager/supervisor) works with Laurie Swan to complete reclassification packet.  Packet includes Employee Actions Request (EAR) form, both old and new job description (in Career Tracks template) and org chart. Laurie logs and sends finalized packet to Maria.
  4. Maria reviews packet and arranges to schedule CRC meeting as needed, which includes her and relevant supervisor/manager if needed. Packet is uploaded to the committee team drive.
  5. Committee meets, reviews request and comes to a recommendation.
  6. Maria communicates outcomes to relevant Director, VC IT and BRM Director.
  7. Director presents outcomes/decisions to SMT.
  8. Compensation, if applicable, is determined between the VC IT, relevant Director, BRM and SHR
  9. Maria summarizes findings/outcomes to the committee.

For more information regarding the CRC, please see the committee charge letter

Hiring Student Employees

To hire a student, follow these instructions:

      1. Obtain supervisor approval

      2. Obtain FOAPAL from your budget analyst 

      3. Contact Stephanie Sullivan, Staff HR, to obtain a user ID and password for the Employee Request System.

      4. Go to the Career Center web site to initiate the hiring process 

Please contact Stephanie Sullivan for more information on how to hire a student employee.

Hiring a Temporary Employee

There are a number of UC contracted providers of temporary staffing services.

To request a temporary employee from any of these agencies, follow these instructions.

      1. Obtain approval from your supervisor and director (temporary staffing must have Senior Management Team consent)

      2. Go to Procurement’s Temporary Staffing site and follow the steps.

      3. Notify Laurie Swan once you have submitted the Staffing Request Form. She will then submit the purchase requisition to the staffing agency.

The provider will work with you to find the candidate best suited for the position.


The supervisor is required to read the Supervisor Onboarding Toolkit and begin working on the New Employee Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors before making an informal offer, as there are time-critical action items to complete before the new employee's arrival (i.e. identifying a work space, ensuring space has furniture and active phone, ordering computer, etc).

Upon notification from Staff HR that the new employee has been hired, Laurie Swan will notify the supervisor and other key ITS personnel who share action items in the onboarding process. 


Upon notification from Staff HR that an employee is separating, Laurie Swan will send out an email notice to the supervisor and key ITS personnel who facilitate the offboarding process. The supervisor is required to review, complete and sign the Supervisor Separation Checklist (PDF) and scan to Laurie Swan within 10 days after the employee’s separation.

The checklist may also be used when an employee’s role changes. For example, if an employee moves from one ITS unit to another, such that if in the departing unit they held responsibilities, accounts, keys, passwords, etc. that they will not be taking to their new unit.

Google Apps Offboarding

Click here to learn about Google Apps offboarding recommendations for someone who is leaving UCSC or changing positions.


Telecommuting is the relocation of an employee’s work site either to her/his home or to another closer-to-home work site provided by the university. It is an assignment that a department may choose to make available to an employee when a mutually beneficial situation exists.

Please complete the ITS Telecommuting Agreement. Make a copy for yourself and send the original to Laurie Swan at mailstop: ITS Scotts Valley.

For more in depth information about Staff HR procedures, forms, and information, please visit the Staff HR website.