AIS Help and Training for Staff

This page is for UCSC staff. If you are an adviser, please visit our page for advisers.

MyUCSC Access

Staff follow a two-step process to obtain MyUCSC access:

  1. Fill out and submit account forms to ITS.

  2. Read our Policy on Privacy of Student Records and take the FERPA Quiz.

IT Support notifies staff when the appropriate access has been approved and assigned.


Find out how to:

For more help, contact the ITS Support Center:

Video tutorials for MyUCSC's new user interface:

Written help for MyUCSC's new user interface:

What do students see in MyUCSC? [Find out here]


Trainings include My Messages, Intro to AIS Reporting, and Intro to GARP. To learn more and sign up, visit the AIS Training page.

MyUCSC Reporting: InfoView

MyUCSC reporting is available through InfoView, a service offered through the Office of Planning and Budget. More information about InfoView, including how to get an account and instructions for use, can be found at: