3...2...1... Lift-off for IdM!

February 13, 2017


Months of hard work from a dedicated team of technologists paid off in spades on Saturday, February 4, when UCSC's first enterprise IT system went live on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Identity Management (IdM), consisting of CruzID Manager, Campus Directory, Shibboleth (Gold password), and LDAPs Blue and Gold, transitioned smoothly to AWS infrastructure early Saturday afternoon. The IdM ecosystem manages account authentication for the vast majority of UCSC's enterprise systems and serves as the authoritative source of faculty, staff, and student profile information. 

The transition to AWS, as part of ITS Application and Project Management's "Cloud First" strategy, will provide the university with a next-generation application platform that will support enterprise systems for years to come. Cloud infrastructure gives ITS more flexibility to expand and contract based on customer demand without the overhead of managing hardware and on-premise infrastructure. AWS also provides excellent tools for Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC). Ecosystems like IdM can be distributed between multiple data centers with relative ease, reducing the possibility that an incident at a single facility will cause a service outage.

IdM's migration, which began last fall 2016, was the result of the efforts of a high-performing, cross-functional team. Asked to put aside distractions and focus on this project, a select group of ITS System, Application, and Database Administrators huddled for hours on-end to digest the new technology and construct a new infrastructure from the ground up. This hard-won knowledge will be invaluable for those applications that are still queued up for the move to AWS. 

Future migrations, including Academic Information Systems and Financial Information Systems, are scheduled for the next 12-16 months.