Cloudflare Data Leak

February 27, 2017

Time to change your passwords for a bunch of Internet services: Uber, Yelp, Betterment, 23andMe, and more.

Between 9-22-2016 and 2-18-2017, passwords, private messages, API keys, and other sensitive data were leaked by Cloudflare who provides services to many of these sites.

This data leak doesn't directly affect UCSC accounts, but it does impact those people who re-use their UCSC Gold or Blue passwords outside of UCSC. More details about the data leak

What to do?

If you re-use your UCSC Blue or Gold passwords outside of UCSC, please change your password(s) through CruzID Manager at DO NOT re-use these Blue and Gold passwords for non-UCSC services!

Advice for the UCSC community from ITS security experts:

Get Help

If you need help changing your password, please contact the ITS Support Center.