New SlugSites WordPress Service

July 08, 2019

The ITS Web Services team is pleased to announce a new WordPress web service called SlugSites available to any person with a CruzID and Gold Password.

This more modern service is the first step in replacing the aging web hosting service. More details about the retirement of will be coming this fall quarter.

SlugSites is only used for creating a personal website and it is not replacing WCMS, Drupal, or Google Sites. Each person with a CruzID and Gold Password is allowed to have one SlugSite.

Check it out by creating your own SlugSite! Go to using your CruzID and Gold password to access the system. You can choose from 100 themes and dozens of plugins.

There is no domain mapping available. URLs for these sites will be

For more information about this service, visit

Get help with your new SlugSite: