ITS Strategic Direction

Strategic Priorities

  • World class tech enhanced education and research

  • Secure intuitive and integrated digital experience

  • Innovating through partnerships

Operating Principles

  • Customer Driven, User focused - Adopt product management practices so that we are driven by and aligned with the needs of our customers. Adopt User Experience practices so that we are always focused on the needs of the user. Be deliberate in balancing the needs between both.
  • Agile Projects, Lean Operations - Adopt Agile practices like Scrum for managing our portfolio of products, projects and services. Manage our operations use Lean practices like Kanban and Six Sigma.
  • Inclusive and Accessible Innovation - IT doesn't create value by ourselves we create value with partners. We can work in a way that we always seek to include partners in the execution of ideas and we make ourselves visible and accessible to partners to explore new ideas.
  • Do, Learn, Celebrate and Share - We can work in a way where we learn from everything that we do; whether they be successes or failures. We celebrate each both success and failures as learning moments. We share our deeds, our learnings and our celebrations to increase organizational learning and to signal to the world who we are.
  • Showcase successes, lead conversations - When we've achieved something noteworthy we take the time to tell to people about it. We showcase to inspire the opportunity to innovate with others. We lead conversations about possibilities to amplify and accelerate great ideas that are inspired by success.
  • Transparent shared governance - We make it clear to our stakeholders how decisions get made, who makes the decision and how to influence the decision.