Project Management Certificate



The "ITS Project Management Core Skills Certificate" is an internally designed, delivered, and conferred certificate program that recognizes proficiency in the basic skills required for effective project management. It is currently open to ITS staff only, but we hope to open the program to non-ITS staff in the future, depending on availability.

The program consists of monthly training sessions designed to ensure that participants understand critical skills such as designing and documenting project work, time estimation, team organization and management, and risk mitigation. Our focus includes both formal project management, as well as the many ways that PM skills can be applied informally to improve the outcome of any task or role.

More Information

For more information about the ITS PM Certificate program, please contact David Turner at 459-1881.

The certificate program provides a learning experience that will improve the individual effectiveness of participants and will be worthy of including in an annual review, and on a resume.


desk with apple The ITS project management Certificate consists of four required "core" classes and eight electives. Participants must complete at least six of the eight electives. Below is the schedule of classes. 



The PM Basics (Phases, Roles, Scope, and Schedule)

Core Class (required)

Prerequisite: Complete the "Intro PM Refresher" quiz

Critical Project Documentation

Core Class (required)

Prerequisite: MS Project/Merlin file with initial project data

Defining and Estimating Effort & Duration

Core Class (required)

Project Management @ ITS (the PMM, Project Approval Process & PM Resources)

Core Class (required)

Developing Work Packages and Locking Resources


Controlling Project Scope: Change Management and You


Managing Risks and Issues Elective

Requirements Gathering Theory and Toolkit


Managing Your Sponsor


Special Project Roles: Working with your BA, TPM, SMEs, and Custom Roles


Off the Rails: Project Reviews, Failing a Project, Defining a New "Phase", and Other Extreme Measures


Diving Deeper into MS Project and Merlin (tentative)


PM Cert Member's Link