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This project list of projects offers a view of notable campus projects with information technology components. Links to additional project information are provided where available.

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 AIS Mobile (Phase 2: Faculty) This project will "mobilize" several faculty functions in AIS / MyUCSC making the interface more usable on mobile devices.  More than simply a responsive design, the solution will simulate a web application making important functions easy to find and use. Faculty will be able to check their class roster, grade roster, and schedule Active June 2017 March 2018

Leslie Geary 

AIS Mobile (Phase 3: Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions) This project will "mobilize" undergraduate and graduate student admissions pages in AIS / MyUCSC making the interface more usable on mobile devices.  More than simply a responsive design, the solution will simulate a web application making important functions easy to find and use. Active Jan 2018 April 2018

Erica Simpkins

APM Developer Tools Project 

This project will implement a shared server environment for hosting tools used by APM developers for code development, management, and deployment.
Active 8/5/2016 July 2018 Charles McIntyre

APM Infrastructure Refresh

This project will migrate enterprise applications from Solaris hardware to Amazon Web Services (AWS).  For more information visit the project website.
Active August 2016 July 2018 Kari Robertson

AutoSys to Control-M conversion

Migrate job automation infrastructure from locally-managed AutoSys to Control-M, managed by PCSSC.
Active November 2016 June 2018  Glenn Blackler 

Cascade WCMS Upgrade Project

This project is to manage a major upgrade to our Campus WCMS. The current version of Cascade is at end of life in July 2017. This upgrade includes complete changes to the UI and functionality. This project will deliver changes to all training and self-help materials and thorough testing of all new features.
Closed February 2017 August 2017 Teresa Silva

Community Application Review System (CARS)

This project will expand and generalize the software to provide staff, students, and outside members of the community with a simple and flexible application/review process for many scenarios including applications, petitions, proposals, appeals and requests.
Active 09/28/2015 April 2018 Leslie Geary

Data Center Firewall Replacement

With this project, we will replace hardware that is approaching the end of support, and we will update our architecture and processes.
Closed 6/1/2016 7/30/2017 Melanie Douglas (UCSC), Danielle Eddy (WWT)

Database Encryption,

Project #1 - UCPath

Implement encryption on designated systems with restricted data. Objectives/Deliverables: 1) Research capabilities and options for MySQL, Oracle and SQL server; 2) Determine encryption options related to key management and performance, including "in transit", “at rest”, and “in use/in motion”; 3) Implement the selected encryption option. NOTE: This is a multi-project implementation, where the first project is focused on UCPath. Subsequent projects will focus on each specific service/system with restricted data.
Active 09/01/2012 07/01/2014 Ken Smith (UCPath)

DivData Library/Tool Updates

Modifications to department review workflows. 
Closed May 2017 Summer 2017 Wes Gray

DivData Review -  Department Workflow Changes project

Modifications to department review workflows.
Active Spring 2017

Spring/Summer 2018

Cris Imai

DivData Review: Biobibnet Integration, Phase 3

Improvements to Biobib-to-Review functionality
Active Spring 2017

Spring/Summer 2018

Cris Imai

DivData Biobibnet -  Archiving & Review Integration Project

Biobib Module additions of archiving scholarly works and versioning of bibliography
Closed October 2016 Spring 2017 Cris Imai

DivData: OCE archive changes

Modifications due to new campus course evaluation system
Active Winter 2018 Summer 2018 Cris Imai

DivData - Data warehouse feeds

New data feeds
Pending TBD TBD Cris Imai

Division 27 Telecommunications Specification Revision

This project will undertake a major revision of the UCSC Telecommunications project standards assuring that vendors receive accurate information with which to submit bids and complete work.
Active May 2017 February 2018 Leslie Geary
Enterprise Portal Retirement 

Replace Enterprise Portal (EP) (the framework for with Campus Solutions. We use very few EP features that are not also available through CS. Eliminating EP will reduce maintenance and improve efficiency. The impact to users should be minimal.

Closed 8/1/2015 July 2017 Glenn Blackler
Faculty WordPress Service External Hosting Transition This project will transition our internally hosted service to an external vendor-hosted solution.  This move will expand the functionality currently available to faculty and significantly reduce technical, administrative and support requirements for UCSC staff. Closed January 2017 October 2017 Teresa Silva
IT Request Client Facing Service Portal 
Updating the face of IT Request to non-tech clients. 
Active April 2018 May 2018 Marian Malatesta, Lisa Bono, Matt Henderson
IT Request Improvement Projects 2016
A series of small projects targeted at improving existing applications within IT Request based on a survey of the ITR Advisory Board in early 2016. Improvement Projects include Service Catalog, Knowledge, Client Portal, Service & Sys/App Reengineering, Helsinki Upgrade, Change Management, Reports and Training, Mobile Usage, and one called Futures, which is to determine the criteria and long term application/functionality for ServiceNow.
Closed March 2016 1/22/2018 Marian Malatesta, Justin Williams, Lisa Bono, Melanie Douglas, Janine Roeth, and Rex Core
LMS/Fleet Recharge File Web App The initial goal is to create a small web app to reformat Staff LMS recharge information. Fleet may be added later. Active 07/22/2015 TBD Wes Gray
LMS Replacement: eCommons to Canvas
The LMS Replacement - eCommons to Canvas project has reached the following milestones:
Canvas @UCSC- The permanent Canvas LMS instance for UCSC is live and available for all faculty. This service replaces eCommons (Sakai). 
Stabilization and end-of-life for existing Sakai services - eCommons is stable. As of Spring 2017, no new course materials are being created in eCommons. eCommons will not be used for instruction after Winter 2018. All faculty, staff, and student access to eCommons ends with Winter 2018. OCE Replacement is in early stages of implementation. Sakai services are on schedule to be fully depricated in Summer 2018.
Canvas Pilot (UCOP) - the UCOP pilot has concluded and all course materials migrated to Canvas @UCSC. Online courses  continue to be offered each quarter through UCOnline, hosted at UCOP.


Active 7/1/16 12/31/18 Leslie Kern
Meal Plans Donations Application

The goal of this project is two fold.

  1. To allow students to make donations for any Dining related Food Drive on campus. To begin with, the WebApp will support "Second Harvest Food Drive" known as the "Meal Plan and Flexi Dollar Drive" on campus, and it will also support "Swipes for Slugs" Program, so students can donate their meals to other students on campus.
  2. To sunset and replace the legacy ColdFusion "Second Harvest" application.
Active November 2016 May 2018 Shashank Nimje
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)  This project will enable multi-factor authentication using Duo Security to protect campus systems. Includes deployment to DC VPN (wave 1), Shibboleth (wave 2), HIPAA systems (wave 3), and others upon request (wave 4). Active January 2016 December 2016 (wave 1) Kari Robertson
OCE Replacement Platform Evaluation Evaluate commercial online course evaluation platforms and possibly select a platform to replace our current platform: EvalSys Active 01/15/16 November 2016 Rebecca Peet
Online Course Evaluation Replacement Platform Selection A project to identify a potential OCE platform to replace EvalSys. The first phase of the project focused on establishing baseline requirements for a new platform. The current phase is focused on understanding the marketplace and identifying platforms that meet our requirements. It is also focused on identifying new and additional features that will be beneficial for UCSC as our course evaluation process and governance evolve. The final phase of the project will be the selection of a replacement platform based on best fit to our overall requirements and future objectives. Active 9/2015 Late June 2016 Rebecca Peet
Relay Application (formerly known as SurveryTracker) The Relay application is used to authenticate UCSC users and then hand them off to a other sites and applications.  We can use Relay to authenticate any one with the CruzID Gold account for almost any application or website, and track usage. Closed November 2015 March 2018 Jeff Rosczyk
Student Housing Online (SHO) Replacement Replace the aging, home-grown Student Housing Online (SHO) application with a vendor product or a refactored system using a modern technology.  This project includes market research, strategy selection, and implementation Active 04/12/2016 10/15/2018 David Turner

Telecommunications Infrastructure Upgrade

(Formerly known as Telecommunications Master Plan)

Series of projects addressing communications infrastructure modifications to support voice, data, video, and multimedia requirements through fiscal year 2020. Active 07/31/2011 2016

General Hopper


The University of California is in the midst of a systemwide implementation to replace the current Payroll Personnel System (PPS) with a new Human Resource and Payroll System (UCPath) and launch a systemwide shared service center in Riverside (UCPath Center). The implementation of UCPath is one of the largest and most complex administrative projects UC has ever undertaken.

Currently UCPath has been deployed at UCOP, UCR, UCM & ASUCLA. Other locations will follow over the next two years, with the UCSC deployment targeted for September 2019.

To learn more about the UCPath project, we invite you to visit the UCSC project website

Active 08/1/2011  TBD Laurie Eppler
Web Application Scanning Project This project will satisfy UCOP audit MCA #3 by implementing the Netsparker Pro scanning tool; incorporate the operations of this tool into the existing Vulnerability Scan service; and establish a consultative capability that provides analysis, advice, and remediation guidance to Service Providers whose web applications were found to be vulnerable. Active 08/17/2017 01/16/2018

Lisa Gardner 

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