Cable TV to UCSC Residents

In coordination with Colleges, Housing and Educational Services (CHES), Information Technology Services (ITS) delivers television programming to UCSC residents. ResNet provides student support for students living on campus while Learning Technologies provides support to all non-residential spaces receiving cable.

Cable TV is delivered to UCSC residents in the following ways: 

Students in the University Town Center, Merrill College, or Wireless-Only locations will receive TV service through the campus network. Visit Network TV Service for more information. 

Cable TV from Campus Televideo is ready to be used in most campus housing spaces. In order to use cable you will need:

  • A digital television
  • A coaxial cable with RF connectors
  • A digital-TV converter box is often necessary for TV models older than 2007 (analog televisions)

Preparing Your Television

Your television may need to be reset to receive the channels offered by our cable TV service. You may need to re-scan for channels or run your televisions' set up process after you connect it to a cable TV jack in your residence. You may need to consult the owner's manual for your television.

For help scanning channels:

Cable TV Channels

The cable TV service delivers channels in standard definition (SD) format. The channel lineup provides a variety of common television programming.

Getting Help

If you have problems setting up your TV, please see our FAQ section.

Requests for television programming assistance can be made the following ways:

Limitations of Service

Per our contract with Campus Televideo, Housing and ITS cannot offer television programming in areas that are generally accessible to the commercial public, such as restaurants, theaters and pubs.

Not all televisions and/or recording devices may work with our Cable TV service.

Older generations of TiVo boxes may work with our service, however newer boxes do not work properly on campus. The issue seems to be with the guide services and how they list channels. TiVo boxes need to reference a guide service or a cable card but all of the guide services list channels as whole numbers only, leaving out the decimal and the number to the right of it. For example, channels 25.3, 25.4 and 25.5 would be listed as 25, 25 and 25, leaving no way for the TiVo box to distinguish one channel from another.

Quality of Service

All channels are delivered in Standard Definition (SD) or 480i.

Cable TV Converter Boxes

Older televisions may require a converter box. We have tested this model, and recommend it for use on campus.