Computers & Printers

What kind of Computer should I get?

Choosing a computer is a matter of personal preference and should be based on your needs and financial constraints. All computers connecting to the campus network (including Linux computers) require an operating system that meets minimum computer specifications.

Computers running an older operating systems will be blocked from the network due to lack of current security patches available. Other types of computer devices including gaming stations, tablets, phones may be connected to the residential network.

Computer Peripherals

ResNet recommends purchasing an external hard drive or USB storage device to backup your personal files and important school documents. As a student, you also have access to Google Drive to store and backup files.

Where should I purchase a Computer or Printer?

The Baytree Bookstore has computers and printers on display and for sale. The Bookstore works closely with campus departments to sell computers that meet standards and class recommendations at competitive prices.

The Baytree Bookstore has a variety of Apple and Dell computers for sale. Dell computers can only be purchased through the online Dell Education website. There is a 10% discount for computers and select software. You will also find both types of computers available to use in computer labs, McHenry Library, and the Science and Engineering library.

General Use Computers and Printing

If you are unable to purchase a computer or printer, general use computers and printers are available throughout campus in the computing labs, offices, and libraries. Click here for more information about printing.