Wireless Information

The University currently offers the following wireless services, which are not guaranteed throughout the campus:

  • Cruznet: Available to faculty, staff, graduate students, undergrad students, and guests. See this wireless map for more CruzNet coverage details: CruzNet Coverage Map
  • Eduroam: faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergrad students. This service may be utilized at other universities as well.
  • Network upgrades to a solely wireless system is available at Stevenson, Cowell, Oakes, and 9/10 residence halls.


CRUZNET: CruzNet is the UCSC 802.11g wireless network on campus. If you have a laptop computer with a wireless network card, you'll be able to use CruzNet. 802.11b cards are compatible with CruzNet as well. CruzNet is an open access unencrypted wireless network for devices with Internet browsers. Login is not required. CruzNet should not be used for university work involving student records or other sensitive or confidential information.

EDUROAM: eduroam is the secure, world-wide roaming wireless access service developed for the international research and education community. eduroam is the free encrypted wireless service at UC Santa Cruz that allows students, faculty, staff, and visitors from other participating institutions, to connect securely to the Internet. For more information visit the eduroam website.

Wireless Upgrade: 25 buildings on campus are being upgraded to an "all wireless" system. "ResWiFi" is currently only offered in the residence halls in the following colleges: Stevenson, Cowell, Oakes, College 9, and College 10.  This upgrade acts in lieu of wireless routers. As such, personal wifi routers are NOT allowed in these areas. ResWifi is a wireless network with many of the specifications similar to the ResNet line, with a gatekeeper program requiring compliancy.

WIFI ROUTERS: Personal wireless routers are allowed in most residence halls, excluding Stevenson, Cowell, Oakes, College 9, and College 10 (see above). Due to interference and security issues ResNet recommends that students follow the necessary steps while setting up their wireless routers. If students are not familiar with router setup, they are strongly encouraged to bring their router to ResNet. 

Do not share your access password as you are responsible for any policy violations (including applicable DCMA copyright policies) that may take place through your access point. Be aware that the wireless router must be set up properly. If you do want to attempt configuration yourself, please follow the following steps listed to ensure proper setup: