Network Upgrades:

Campus Housing and ITS are in the process of upgrading the network in the residences. These upgraded facilities receive a secure, wireless service called ResWiFi. Rooms in these upgraded residence halls no longer have active Ethernet ports.

Some apartments have not been affected by this change.

Residents in these locations no longer need to use personally owned wifi routers, they will receive the ResWiFi service.

ResWiFi Locations:

Residential Location



  • All of Cowell/Stevenson
College 9
  • All of College 9
College 10
  • All of College 10
  • Leonardo, Galen, Maxwell & Harvey
  • All Crown/Merrill Apt
Rachel Carson
  • All Rachel Carson Residential Halls
  • All Rachel Carson Apts
  • All Oakes Residential Halls
  • All Oakes Apts

What is ResWifi?

Residential Network, a wifi service provided to all TIU buildings at UCSC. We are installing access points in resident halls for this upgrade. As a result, rooms in these upgraded residence halls no longer have active Ethernet ports.

How do I log in?

On your device, go to your network settings. Click on the network “ResWiFi,” and enter the password “SlugWiFi.” If you are prompted to log in using your ucsc credentials, enter your cruzid (the part of your ucsc email before the “”) and your blue password.

What to Bring if I live in a ResWiFi location:

  • Device(s) with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wifi capabilities
  • Tv(s) with Wifi Capabilities or  any media device that can connect to your TV.

What not to Bring if I live in a ResWiFi location:

  • No Routers or Modems
  • Network printers
  • Ethernet cables or Coax Cables
  • TiVO’s

What do I need?
ResWiFi works with most 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz devices. ResNet recommends using 5Ghz for fastest service. For desktop computers, we recommend a dual band network interface card (PCI or e-PCI) for best performance.

Do I need a wireless router?
No. In fact, we can’t allow personally owned wireless routers in these newly renovated residence halls because they can create interference with the official ResWiFi service.

Are there devices that won’t work with ResWiFi?

Yes. Devices such as VOIP phones, Ethernet “only” devices, older TiVO’s, and networked printers will not be compatible with ResWiFi.

How does ResWiFi work?

ResWiFi is a secure enterprise wireless service for campus residential halls listed above.

There are two layers of 
Computers and most other wifi enabled devices will be able to connect using your CruzID Blue credentials.

Is it secure?
Yes. ResWiFi is an enterprise class, encrypted service that uses (WPA2-PSK, 256 AES) between your computer and the wireless access point.

In addition to the encrypted ResWiFi, SafeConnect is used to manage the residential network. SafeConnect manages student authentication and enforces security policies for anti virus, operating system and application updates.

How fast is ResWiFi?
You can expect speeds greater than commercial hot spots. ResWiFi is built to support the growing demand created by additional devices that most students bring to campus.

Is there enough capacity so that ResWiFi won’t slow down?
Yes. We’ve installed access points in almost every other room so that the coverage within the buildings will be sufficient to meet the demand. We also monitor the bandwidth and speed for best performance.

What can I do on ResWiFi?
You’ll be able to do your assignments, stream content, use a gaming console.

How will I print?
You can continue to print from your laptop or desktop computer via USB cable or Bluetooth. Printers that have WiFi Direct features will also work. For mobile devices we recommend printing via Bluetooth or Wifi Direct.

What about Eduroam and UCSC-Guest?
Eduroam and UCSC-Guest are still available in many campus locations. We recommend that you use ResWiFi when working in your residence.

What if my computer doesn't have wifi?
Student's can purchase WiFi adapters/cards that provide WiFi capabilities at the Bay Tree Bookstore or an alternate retailer. 

Are there devices that won’t work with ResWiFi?
Yes. Devices such as VOIP phones, Ethernet “only” devices, older TiVO’s, and networked printers will not be compatible with ResWiFi.

What about TV services?
TV services will be delivered over Cable TV or Network TV. You may use your computer to view our channels or stream from your favorite provider. Many mobile devices will be able to access the streams as well. 

What about my AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku or gaming stations (PS4, Xbox, Switch)?
Gaming and Media devices may be connected to ResWiFi. Headless devices such as these should automatically be able to connect to the network within 24 hours. However, if you are experiencing troubles connecting these devices to the network after 24 hours, please open a ticket with us at the IT Request link.

What about the other residential halls?
Over the next few summers, we will upgrade additional residential facilities with ResWiFi service. 

How do I secure my (printer, media player, computer, etc.)?
Depending on the device, different security methods may be available. Some methods are required on campus networks. For more information about securing a specific device, please open an online ticket with us by clicking here.