Connecting your Gaming Console

If you are looking for information for how to get online regarding devices such as laptops of desktops, please refer to:

For Gaming and Media Device:

Gaming and media devices go through an automated process where if they are able to connect to our network, they should be granted open access to the network within 24 hours. Please note that this only pertains to ResWifi in TIU locations and the wired ethernet jacks located within On-Campus housing in non TIU locations. Gaming consoles are not supported on UCSC-Guest or eduroam. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the enrollment process or if your device does not seem to fit any of the previously mentioned categories, please feel free to contact ResNet. Our contact information can be found here:

Common devices that should automatically connect ot the network :

X-Box One

3DS Smart TV
Playstation 4 Firestick Chromecast
Wii U Roku Hue lights

 If you have any troubles getting your gaming and media devices connect to the network, please contact ResNet at 831-459-4638 or visit us in person in one of our offices during our open hours 10am - 5pm Monday - Friday at either Rachel Carson College (formerly College 8), Room 258 or Stevenson Casa 11, Room 125