Connecting your Gaming Console

The SafeConnect system requires login of all devices on the network. Since gaming consoles cannot process this gatekeeper program to login, consoles must be enrolled onto the network for it to be accepted on the ResNet line. You can easily self enroll a device by clicking on "Enroll a Device" on our ResNet website. Your request will then be processed by a technician and you will be notified once your device has been enrolled.

Gaming systems will work best when connected directly to the wired ResNet jack in your residence. ResNet can provide network hubs that will provide additional ethernet ports. Wireless gaming devices will work if you have a personally owned wireless router that is properly configured. Gaming consoles are not currently supported on UCSC-Guest or eduroam.

Common devices needing whitelisting:

-X-Box One

-Playstation 4

-Wii U


-Smart TV




-Hue lights