Information for New Residential Students

Welcome new students!

Getting Online

Each campus residence will have 1-2 ethernet jacks per room. You may connect directly to the ethernet from your computer. ResNet can provide a “splitter” if you need to share your ethernet connection in a triple.

Some colleges have official UCSC wifi (CruzNet and Eduroam) services. For colleges without official wifi, you may request ResNet to configure your personal wifi router to meet campus policies. More information

Preparing Your Computer for UCSC

To protect your computer and the university's network, make sure you prepare your computer before connecting on campus.

Personally Owned Wifi Routers

CruzNet and eduroam wireless service are available in some but not all residential spaces. If CruzNet and eduroam are not available in your residence you will need to use a personal wifi router for wireless access.

Computer/Printer Recommendations - Where to Purchase

Choosing a computer is a personal preference and should be based on your needs and financial constraints. UCSC supports both PC and Mac computers.

Connecting Gaming Consoles

The SafeConnect system automatically allows gaming devices on the network, so all you have to do is connect an Ethernet cord from the wall to your device.

Peer to Peer Software

Peer-to-peer (P2P) software creates a distributed network for the purpose of sharing files.