Information for New Residential Students

Welcome New Students!

The university offers a wide range of computer services for students. As new on-campus students, here is a one stop shop for general concerns about connecting to the campus residential network.

If you have concerns connecting wirelessly to campus networks such as Eduroam, or UCSC-Guest, please visit this ITS Wireless Services website.

Getting Online

Follow the Getting Connected link above to start your journey connecting to the campus residential network. Please note that your connection type will depend on your location. UCSC is in the midst of a Telecommunications Infrastructure Upgrade (TIU). As such, residences that are upgraded will be able to connect wirelessly to the residential network. For more information about this upgrade, visit the TIU project management page. For a list of locations that have already been upgraded please visit our network upgrades page.

Note: Camper Park residents have access to wifi (UCSC-Guest) via a USB wifi extender.

Wired Service

Wired rooms will have have 1 ethernet jack per room that may be connected directly to via an ethernet cable (not provided). If you would like to connect more devices using this wired connection, you can utilize an ethernet splitter or a router, which would connect wirelessly.

Family Student Housing (FSH) apartments are equipped with cable modems. Users may connect Ethernet devices directly into the cable modem. Personally owned wifi devices may be plugged into the cable modem. ResNet can help to configure personally owned wifi devices to work in FSH.


Preparing Your Computer for UCSC

To protect your computer and the university's network, we would like to make sure your device is compliant with our network and that it is safe for you to use the residential network. The long of the short is that we would like for your computer to have our university's policy key, an anti-virus updated and running, and a firewall runing.

Personally Owned Wifi Routers

We advise new on-campus students who do not live in a TIU location to move in with a personally owned router.

Computer/Printer Recommendations - Where to Purchase

Choosing a computer is a personal preference and should be based on your needs and financial constraints. UCSC supports both PC and Mac computers. For more information on supported computers and printers, see our Computers and Printers page, which include minimum computer specifications for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Connecting Gaming Consoles

The SafeConnect system requires login of all devices on the network. Gaming devices should automatically connect to our network within 24 hours. However, if your console doesn't automatically register itself, please open a ticket with us and we will enroll it for you. If you have any other questions or concerns, please visit our website.

Peer to Peer Software

Peer-to-peer (P2P) software creates a distributed network for the purpose of sharing files.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us using the methods below

Phone: (831) 459-4638
Hours: 10AM-5PM, Monday- Friday
Locations: Rachel Carson College (formerly College 8), Room 258
Stevenson Casa 11, Room 125