Information for New Residential Students

Welcome New Students!

The university offers a wide range of computer services for students, especially residential students. If you will be living on campus here are some resources we have to make your transition to UCSC a great one.

Getting Connected

For detailed instructions on connecting to the network in your residence please visit the Getting Online webpage.


Type of Network

Each university residence will provide either a wired or wireless service depending on where you live.


Wireless Service

The following is a list of ResWiFi locations. To view more details and FAQs please visit this page.


Turner, Parrington, Beard, Morison, Prescott, Parkman, Adams


Casa One through Casa Eight


Stephen Biko, Hong-Lim, Bayit Elie Wiesel, Casa Dolores Huerta

College 9

Hague (RH1), Gandhi (RH2), and Geneva (RH3)

College 10

Ohlone (RH4), Amnesty (RH5), and Angela Davis (RH6)


Leonardo, Galen

Some colleges have expanded the UCSC-Guest and Eduroam in their residence halls. For colleges without this expansion or the ResWiFi upgrade you may acquire a personally owned wireless router and request ResNet configure it to meet campus policies. More information

Camper Park residents have access to wifi (UCSC-Guest) via a USB wifi extender.

Wired Service

Wired rooms will have have 1 ethernet jack per room that you may connect directly to your computer via an ethernet cable (not provided). If you need to share your ethernet connection you may acquire a “splitter”, free of charge, from ResNet.

Family Student Housing (FSH) apartments are equipped with cable modems. Users may connect Ethernet devices directly into the cable modem. Personally owned wifi devices may be plugged into the cable modem. ResNet can help to configure personally owned wifi devices to work in FSH.


Preparing Your Computer for UCSC

To protect your computer and the university's network, make sure you prepare your computer before connecting on campus. 

Personally Owned Wifi Routers

UCSC-Guest and eduroam wireless service are available in some but not all residential spaces. If UCSC-Guest and eduroam are not available in your residence you will need to use a personal wifi router for wireless access, with the exception of the above twenty-five residence halls that have been upgraded to provide ResWiFi.

Computer/Printer Recommendations - Where to Purchase

Choosing a computer is a personal preference and should be based on your needs and financial constraints. UCSC supports both PC and Mac computers. For more information on supported computers and printers, see our Computers and Printers page, which include minimum computer specifications for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Connecting Gaming Consoles

The SafeConnect system requires login of all devices on the network. Since gaming consoles cannot process this gatekeeper program to login, consoles must be enrolled onto the network for it to be accepted on the ResNet line. You can easily self enroll a device by clicking on "Enroll a Device" on our ResNet website. Your request will then be processed by a technician and you will be notified once your device has been enrolled.

Peer to Peer Software

Peer-to-peer (P2P) software creates a distributed network for the purpose of sharing files.