Information for Returning Residential Students

Welcome back to UCSC!

The university offers a wide range of computer services for students. As returning on-campus students, here is a list of general information and policies to keep in mind when connecting to the campus residential network.

Please note that some locations will be upgraded to a wireless-only network as a part of a larger infrastructure upgrade project. Students in these locations should not bring wireless routers, as wireless access will be provided, and ethernet ports will no longer be functional. Check our network upgrades page to find out more about which colleges and buildings were upgraded, and for questions you may have about the upgrade.

Download SafeConnect: Before accessing the residential network, remember that you need to download and install the SafeConnect policy key and have an anti-virus downloaded and running at all times on your device. For more information and steps on how to download safeconnect, please visit our SafeConnect page.

Use your resources: If you are having any problems with your laptop, feel free to contact our ResNet staff. A list of services we provide at ResNet can be found on our Get Help page.Whether it is a virus or a networking issue, ResNet can help you free of charge. You can also submit an online ticket through ITRequest if you do not want direct assistance.

Review the rules governing the use of the Internet on campus: Brush up on these information technology policies  to ensure that you will not run into any trouble while using the Internet on campus. It is your responsibility to know what you can and cannot do. Also, brush up on the UCSC Copyright policy to prevent any problems that could potentially hinder you from making the best out of your return to UCSC. 

Meet the minimum computer requirements: If you are returning to UCSC with a new computer, please make sure that it meets the university's minimum requirements to ensure that you will not encounter any problems with compatibility. 

Additional Useful Information