Instructor Evaluations

Important Notification regarding the use of Scantron Faculty Evaluations:

With the introduction of online course evaluation, Scantron evaluation will no longer be subsidized. Thus, units choosing to use the Scantron system will need to budget for the purchase of forms and processing costs, and provide a FOAPAL for recharges. Units with a backstock of Scantron forms are advised to use those forms before acquiring more. Additional forms can be purchased from The Center for Teaching and Learning at a cost of $0.10 per form. Again, please note that The Center for Teaching and Learning will no longer cover the cost of processing the Scantron forms.

To Order Scantron Forms

UCSC departments not using the Online Instructor Evaluations option administered through eCommons may opt to use the UCSC Instructor Evaluation Form to elicit student ratings of teaching:

  • Side one of the form is machine-readable and includes space for department-specific issues
  • Side two is reserved for students' written responses to open-ended questions.
  • Learning Technologies scans the machine-readable items
  • Departments create their own reports.

TO SCAN: Please read the Department Contact Instructions and deliver all forms to Learning Technologies in 149 Kerr Hall.



Department Templates:

On-line evaluation of instructors and courses

The following links provide information about other institutions that have implemented on-line evaluation systems.