UC Cyber Security Awareness Training 2019

Required for all UC employees

cyber training

The UC Office of the President has approved the Cyber Security Awareness training for 2019. All paid employees of UCSC are required to take this training. This includes: undergraduate student employees, graduate student employees, supervisors, non-supervisors, academic, non-academic, and every other employee who has any active UCSC appointment and receives pay for that appointment.

The assignment date for the UC Office of the President Cyber Security Awareness training is January 11, 2019  with a due date of February 22, 2019, or one year after last completion.

The training will take approximately 40 minutes to complete and you do not need to complete the course in one sitting. The system will remember your progress.

Access the Training

Getting Help:

If you experience trouble with the training or access problems, please contact the UC Learning Center Support Team at learningcenter@ucsc.edu

If you have a question or need help updating your web browser, please submit an IT Request ticket at http://itrequest.ucsc.edu or contact the ITS Support Center by email help@ucsc.edu, telephone 459-HELP (4357), or in-person Kerr Hall Room 54.

For more information about Cyber Security, please visit http://its.ucsc.edu/security