Student Experience of Teaching Surveys (SETs)


A Guide for Instructors/TAs

Mid-Quarter Feedback 

Faculty please note:

This winter we are rolling out new features for faculty. Surveys allow you to independently conduct mid-quarter surveys of your courses that are private to you. My Questions allows you to append questions to the end of term survey. You will receive a report that provides the responses to your questions. This report will be private to you. No one else will see the student responses to the questions you ask

To learn how to collect mid-quarter feedback using WDYT please see:
How to collect mid-quarter feedback using the Survey tool in WDYT

To login to WDYT please click on the logo above or click here.

More Resources

The following pages are guides put together in conjunction with the FITC and the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (CITL) at UC Santa Cruz.

Adding Custom SET Questions

Generating Beneficial SET Questions