Adding Custom Questions



This article contains information on how to add custom questions to courses in the WDYT system. If you need information on how to generate beneficial questions, click here.

Step One: Log into WDYT

Log into the WDYT system using your CruzID Gold username and password. Once logged in, you will see the following page.

Click on the "My Questions" tab from the upper navigational menu.

Step Two: Choosing a Course

From the "My Questions" page, scroll down to "Instructor's Questions", and click on the blue box to the right labelled "Add New Question".

Step Three: Adding the Questions

Now that you've selected a course, you can type the actual question content in the editor box. You will see options to enable this question for all courses as well as an option to choose the response type for the question.

NOTE: Once you pick an answer scale type for your first quantitative question, this scale is set for all subsequent quantitative questions in the "Instructor's Questions" category. We recommend selecting the 1-5 scale when you write your first question, then delineate what these values represent in the content of each question you write.

You can add as many questions as you want to the "Instructor's Questions" section. After creating a question, it can be edited or deleted via the settings button to the right of each question.