Asana Enterprise Service


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Asana is a web-based project management, task tracking, and collaboration software. Asana is centrally funded and is available to administrative offices at no charge. The UCSC Enterprise Asana service offers premium features, the ability to collaborate with teams across UCSC, and robust data security. Asana is appropriate for P1, P2, and P3 data protection levels.

Those who currently have individual subscription licenses are invited to migrate to the UCSC enterprise license to take advantage of these benefits:

Enterprise Benefits Include

  • Increased security
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Future premium features upgrades
  • Prioritized end-user support direct from Asana
  • Access to Asana Customer Success Manager for assistance with your goals and objectives

How to Access Enterprise Asana

Enterprise Asana features are available when working within a UCSC Asana "team." UCSC employees can use Asana features by joining an existing team, requesting a new team, or moving an existing Asana team to the UCSC organization.

  • To join an existing UCSC team, contact the associated office or team manager(s).
  • To request a new UCSC Asana team or move an existing team to the UCSC organization, use the Enterprise Asana Request Form.

Get Help

Help with features and functions

Other questions or issues: submit a support ticket with the ITS Support Center at, or by email or telephone 459-HELP(4357).