Student Telephone Services

UCSC is in the process of upgrading its Information Technology (IT) services for students on campus. In order to do so quickly (and with limited financial resources), the campus has decided to stop supporting the underutilized and outdated landline phones in students’ residences beginning fall 2012. This decision allows the campus to redirect funds that would be spent on this system to more appropriate technologies. Among other things, the typical student should experience faster Internet connections, more capacity for campus network systems (email, etc.), and more flexibility to adapt to future evolving technologies.

Will my cell phone work on campus?

UCSC's wooded and hilly terrain makes cell phone reception a challenge, however, IT Telecommunication Services continues to work with a variety of wireless telephone providers to bring the campus the best connection in wireless technology. Micro cellular antennas (PDF) are installed at numerous locations on campus, providing coverage for major wireless providers. If your cell phone will be your primary phone contact don’t forget to update your contact information in the Student Portal - MyUCSC

What if I don’t have a cell phone?

Hall phones are located in common areas of each residential community and are available for any residential student to use to make local calls or to receive calls.