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The ITS Division is led by the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and consists of five ITS units, 240 staff, and nearly 150 student workers. We are a service and solutions collaborative organization focused on providing useful, timely and thoughtful information and assistance to our university community. ITS Reorganization Efforts


We use information, technology, operational excellence and innovation to maximize UCSC’s global impact.


We amplify the UCSC student outcomes, research impact, reputation and reach.

Strategic objectives

  • Best in class technology enhanced education - We want to help drive student outcomes and workforce development.
  • Powerful, accessible and easy to use and scalable research IT services - We can support research acceleration by democratizing access to high performance computing, research data and datasets, data visualization tools and programming support.
  • Business process optimization/automation - We can help dramatically lower operational costs and risks by investing to streamline and automate campus processes, standardize our own internal processes and tools, and reduce duplicative services.
  • Create world-class digital experiences - This elevates our reputation with students, faculty, staff and other constituents by showing not telling what a great brand experience looks like.
  • Innovating through partnerships - Leverage the power of our faculty, staff, alumni and corporate partners to experiment with creating new revenue streams and different business models.


Inspire - Lead through tech imagination, ideation and storytelling

Integrate - Bring together people, ideas and energy

Accelerate - Make things happen faster

Amplify - Make bad things good and good things great

Who We Are Guiding Principles