Campus WCMS

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The Campus WCMS (Web Content Management System) is used by over 250 departments, units, and research groups across campus.  This web-based editing tool allows you to focus on your campus content, does not require technical experience, and automatically applies the campus design templates to your site. There are no servers to manage and ITS takes care of security.

This service is recommended for all departments that want to streamline their web maintenance while contributing a top-notch web presence for UCSC.

How to Request

The Campus WCMS is available to official campus departments, units, groups, and organizations. Request a New WCMS Website.

 If you need assistance with your existing website, open a SlugHub ticket.


Web services are partially funded through the Information User Assessment and there is no other charge for this service.

WCMS Feature Overview

  • The campus look and feel
  • Authentication via CruzID Gold
  • Intuitive web authoring tools
  • Website editing access via a web browser
Stable, well-managed application
  • Built-in news feature
  • Content versioning and "roll-back"
  • Campus directory-based person profiles
  • Automatic feeds of course catalog and class schedule information from our academic information system
  • Robust technical support

WCMS Feature Details and Examples

WuFoo Forms

UCSC Web Services offers a web form creation service for WCMS users utilizing an easy-to-use online form builder called WuFoo. Official UCSC departments, divisions, and research sites are eligible to use the service. Building forms with WuFoo is very fast and easy.

The Official Campus Design Templates

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Development and maintenance of the official campus web design (i.e. "look and feel") is the responsibility of the Communications & Marketing department within University Relations. This includes the creation and evolution of standard design templates for the web.

Sites utilizing the official campus web designs must adhere to established guidelines and requirements, as defined in the Communications & Marketing Identity Guidelines.

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