Mac OS X Configuration

Make sure your computer's AirPort card is on (via the AirPort status icon in the menu bar)

Airport menu

Make sure you are in an area served by CruzNet. See Coverage Map.

Select System Preferences from under the Apple icon at the top left of the Menu bar.

system preferences

In the System Preferences window, select (click once) the Network icon.

internet and network

Set the Show option to "AirPort; Set the Location option to "Automatic; Set Configure to "Using DHCP"

network control panel

Optional: If Cruznet is the only wireless network you connect to, go to the "Airport" tab, and specify "cruznet" under the "Join a specific network."

Click the "Apply Now" button. Close the Network window.

Launch your web browser. You will see this security pop-up.

security popup

Click Continue.

The CruzNet Authentication page be displayed with another security pop-up, click Send.

Security Alert

Next login with your UCSC I.D. and password.