Cyber Security Information

"Top Ten List"

ITS' "Top 10 List" of Good Computing Practices provides general good computing practices and tips that apply to most people who use a computer.

Also see our printable "Cyber Security at UC Santa Cruz" Brochure, which includes the "Top 10 List" plus other cyber security tips and resources.

Cyber Security Basics: Information to help keep your computer and data safe and secure.

Understanding UCSC's Minimum Network Connectivity Requirements

It's important to understand UCSC's Minimum Network Connectivity Requirements (link to full policy) because devices that don't meet these requirements must not be connected to the campus network.

ITS can assist you in configuring your computer to meet these requirements. To request this service, or if you have questions or concerns, contact the ITS Support Center.

Cyber Security Toolkit

Following are some security-related tools and resources available to everyone in the UCSC community.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (October):

security imageThe goal of National Cyber Security Awareness Month is to raise awareness about the many technology-related threats we face each day, and to learn how we can better protect our computers, our information and ourselves.

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National Internet Safety Month (June)

National Internet Safety Month is an opportunity to increase awareness about the risks we and our families face on the Internet, and to promote information and resources to help us stay safe online.

Cyber Security Posters 

ITS has developed a number of POSTERS designed to raise awareness about various cyber security issues and to promote safer computing. Subjects include general computer security, "think before you click", passwords, phishing, mobile computing, and Internet privacy.

Student Outreach

Annual Campus Computer Security Reminders


Contact the ITS Support Center for questions or to report problems with any of the resources on this page:, 459-HELP (4357), or 54 Kerr Hall M-F 8 AM to 5 PM