Remember Me for 14 Days

A Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature is available - Remember Me for 14 days. This feature helps balance the added security of MFA with a smoother, more convenient user experience of only having to MFA once every 14 days on your computer.

How Does This Work?

When you log into a UCSC Gold application and are prompted to MFA, you now have the option to check a box labeled “Remember me for 14 days.” Once you have successfully authenticated, you will not be prompted to authenticate again on the computer you are using for 14 days.

remember me authentication check box

This applies only to the computer and browser that you are currently using. If you check the box on your work computer, your home computer won't remember you. You can check Remember Me on any computer that you use regularly and that you trust. Don't do this on a public or shared computer!

Automatically Call Me/Automatically Send Me a Push

If you have enabled the automatically call me or automatically send me a push feature in Duo and you want to use the “Remember Me for 14 days”, you will need to click the cancel button when the blue banner comes up. Then you’ll be able to select the option “Remember Me for 14 days”.

cancel automatic push or call

I Checked Remember Me For 14 Days. Why am I Still Being Prompted to MFA?

The Remember Me feature relies on a browser cookie from Duo. You will still be prompted to authenticate with MFA if you have done any of the following:

  • Disabled browser cookies
  • Changed or closed browsers
  • Are in "Private Browsing" mode
  • Deleted history/cookies upon closing your browser.
  • Switched to another computer or mobile device


Open a ticket with the ITS Support Center, using the keyword MFA, and someone will get back to you, M-F, 8-5.