Google Hangouts


Hangouts is a free video conferencing tool that is part of the UCSC Google Core Apps services. You can use Hangouts in Google+ or as part of the Video Call feature in Google Calendar and in Gmail Chat. 

  • With Google Hangouts you can video conference with up to 15 other people and chat face-to-face using a computer, Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • You can host a virtual meeting. Google Hangouts allow you to share screens and collaborate on Google Docs in real-time, right within the Hangout.
  • Google Hangouts can be recorded as a video and archived for distribution to others with Hangouts On Air through YouTube.
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How to Start a Hangout

Hangouts lets you send messages, photos, and video conference with anyone with a Google account. You can start a Hangout from Gmail, Calendar, Google+, your Android or iOS device, or with the Chrome extension.

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