Slug G Suite



UCSC Google Apps for Prior Students


Slug G Suite allows UC Santa Cruz students to keep their UCSC Google Apps services for 12 months after they leave campus. This includes access to their email account, Google Drive, Calendar, Groups, Sites and more. 

After 12 months, prior students have the option to keep their email account by request only. However, this account will have a storage limit of 500 MB, and no additional Google Services will be available. Nine months after graduating, students will receive information via email about how to continue their UCSC email account beyond the one-year post-separation grace period. 

Accessing Slug G Suite

Prior students must know their CruzID and Gold password in order to access Slug G Suite for the first 12 months after they leave UCSC. Log in to Google using your CruzID and Gold password. Depending on your current affiliation with UC Santa Cruz, Multi-Factor Authentication may also be required. Don't know your CruzID and Gold password? Learn how to recover them

Frequently Asked Questions

I attended UC Santa Cruz before Google accounts were issued (CATS email or CruzMail). Will my account access be restored?

No. CATS and CruzMail email accounts can not be restored. Prior students who never had a UCSC Google account are not eligible for a Slug G Suite account. 

What policies govern use of Google resources by prior students?

See the Conditions of Use for UC Santa Cruz Applications website for applicable policies, including, but not limited to:

What if I don’t want a Slug G Suite account? Can I request that it be deleted/disabled?

Accounts will be automatically disabled one year after separation unless a continuation of the UCSC email account is requested. Prior students who would like their account disabled prior to the end of their one-year post-separation grace period should open a support ticket, call 831-459-HELP (9-4357), or email 

I still have a question. Who should I contact?

Please contact the ITS Support Center.

Call:  831-459-HELP (9-4357)