Slug G Suite


UCSC Google Apps for Prior Students

Slug G Suite allows UC Santa Cruz students to keep their UCSC Google Apps services after they leave our campus. This includes access to their email account, Google Drive, Calendar, Groups, Sites and more. In addition, UCSC Google accounts for some prior students and alumni have been restored. See the Slug G Suite Eligibility section below for details.

The expansion of UCSC Google Apps services improves our campus’s ability to engage with prior students regardless of their graduation status, streamlines our communication and outreach efforts to alumni and those wishing to return to UCSC, and offers an enhanced user experience by simplifying access to these frequently-requested services.


Slug G Suite Eligibility

All Slug G Suite users are required to adhere to UCSC policies. Misuse may result in the loss of access privileges and/or criminal prosecution under applicable statutes.

Students and alumni that left UCSC in fall 2018 or later have uninterrupted access to their current UCSC email and Google Apps account.

Students and alumni who left UC Santa Cruz before fall 2018 and had a UCSC Google account have restored access to their Google Apps and email services as of November 14, 2019. ITS and Alumni Engagement will collaborate to reach out to as many of these prior students as possible throughout 2020.

Prior students and alumni who left UC Santa Cruz after 1986 and never had a UCSC Google account are not eligible for a Slug G Suite account.

Prior students and alumni who left UC Santa Cruz before 1986 are not eligible for a Slug G Suite account.


Accessing Slug G Suite

Prior students must know their CruzID and Gold password in order to access Slug G Suite. Provide your email address when accessing a Google Apps service, then log in with your CruzID and Gold password. Depending on your current affiliation with UC Santa Cruz, Multi-Factor Authentication may also be required.


Frequently Asked Questions

I had a UCSC Google account when I was a student. How will I know whether my account access has been restored?

All prior students who had a UCSC Google account have had that access automatically restored on November 14, 2019.


I attended UC Santa Cruz before Google accounts were issued (CATS email or CruzMail). Will my account access will be restored?

CATS and CruzMail accounts can not be restored. Prior students who never had a UCSC Google account are not eligible for a Slug G Suite account. 


I opted-in to Email Forwarding when I graduated. Can I still have my mail forwarded to another account?

The Email Forwarding service was retired on November 14, 2019. Anyone who opted-in to Email Forwarding has been granted restored access to their UCSC Google account. Additionally, any account settings, such as filters or vacation responders, that were active on the account before Email Forwarding went into effect were restored.

If you prefer to forward your UCSC email to another address, you can set up and manage forwarding through Gmail directly.


I left UC Santa Cruz in the middle of the fall 2018 quarter. Will I be eligible to keep my account?

Yes, you will retain that access going forward as long as you adhere to UCSC policies.


What policies are you referring to specifically?

See the Conditions of Use for UC Santa Cruz Applications website for applicable policies, including, but not limited to:


What services are included in "GoogleApps" specifically?

Email, Calendar, Drive, Groups and Sites, along with several other services, are included. See UCSC's Google Core Apps website for a complete list of services provided under UCSC's GoogleApps for Education contract


What if I don’t want a Slug G Suite account? Can I request that it be deleted/disabled?

Requests regarding personal data can be submitted by contacting the UCSC Privacy & Information Office directly.

Call: (831) 459-4003


I still have a question. Who should I contact?

Please contact the ITS Support Center.

Call:  831-459-HELP (9-4357)