Service & System Metrics

ITS strives to continually improve the services we deliver to the UC Santa Cruz community by measuring and monitoring services to evaluate performance. This page provides key metrics based on commitments in published service level agreements. Metrics are updated quarterly.

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First-Contact Response to Incidents and Service Requests

Jan-March 2015

Actual Performance


Metric Target: 90%
response in less than
8 business hours

Jan-March 2015 Report (PDF)

July-Sept 2014 Report (PDF)

Apr-Jun 2014 Report (PDF)

Jan-March 2014 Report (PDF)

ITS has committed to respond to all service related requests within 8 business hours in the ITS and Campus Service Level Agreement (SLA). We responded within 8 business hours to 9,087 IT Request tickets within this quarterly period.

Resolution Metrics

Jan-March 2015

Actual Performance


Metric Target: 80% of
tickets closed on time

Jan-Mar 2015 Report (PDF)

Oct-Dec 2014 Report (PDF)

July-Sept 2014 Report (PDF)

Apr-June 2014 Report (PDF)

Jan-March 2014 Report (PDF)

Resolution of help tickets is based on information from the IT Request ticket system. Hours are counted as clock hours, weekends excepted.

ITS Outage and Change Management Metrics

March 2015

Ratio of Unplanned to Total Outages: 19%

Ratio of Unplanned Outages due to failed changes to Total Outages: 0%

Top Root Cause of Unplanned Outages:
Hardware/Software Related
11% of all outages

March 2015 Report (PDF)

February 2015 Report (PDF)

January 2015 Report (PDF)

December 2014 Report (PDF)

November 2014 Report (PDF)

October 2014 Report (PDF)

September 2014 Report (PDF)

August 2014 Report (PDF)

July 2014 Report (PDF)

June 2014 Report (PDF)

May 2014 Report (PDF)

April 2014 Report (PDF)

Outage metrics measure Planned vs. Unplanned Outages and their associated root causes; Change Management metric is the ratio unplanned outages caused by failed changes to total outages.

  • Outages due to failed changes: ≤ 9 per quarter (~5%)

Digital Certificate Service Metrics

January-March 2015

InCommon Certificates issued Jan-Mar 2015:

Total Active InCommon

Note: Numbers are artificially high this quarter due to SHA-1 certificate replacement

Jan-March 2015 Report (PDF)

Oct-Dec 2014 Report (PDF)

Jul-Sep 2014 Report (PDF)

Apr-June 2014 Report (PDF)

Jan-March 2014 Report (PDF) 


Please see the linked report for additional details, including certificates issued by department. For information about the Digital Certificate Service, please see the service page