Web Services

The following web services support the campus web presence.  

See Services by Affiliation for a chart of eligible services for faculty, administrative units, staff, student organizations and individual students.  For help choosing a solution appropriate to your needs, please contact us by submitting an ITRequest ticket and selecting "Web Services".

Web Services Publishing pictureCampus WCMS 

The Campus WCMS is a no-cost, browser-based web site editing tool that lets departments focus on content rather than on technology and site design. No technical experience is necessary and the campus design templates are built-in. Training, open-labs and support are also offered at no cost. Web sites managed by the Campus WCMS enjoy high availability and high priority incident response.

Faculty and Research Web Services

Faculty and research web services are designed to support the professional, academic, scholarly, and research needs of UCSC faculty and researchers.  A project beginning in March 2014 will bring the popular web-site management tool WordPress to UCSC faculty and graduate student teachers and researchers. 

Web Services Hosting pictureWeb Site Hosting

For users who want a do-it-yourself web site, we provide server space to host your files. ITS provides the secure and reliable environment, you provide your web expertise and content. Self-managed Personal Web Pages are also available through this service.

Google Sites

Google Sites are available to all UCSC students, faculty, and staff.  The permissions that allow selective sharing and collaboration make these sites particularly good for internal uses like intranets and project sites.  The official campus template is not available in Google Sites.

Web Services Training pictureTraining & Do It Yourself Resources

Our training and resources help you develop and maintain your site. These resources are for users of the Campus WCMS, Web Hosting service, and anyone who builds and maintains a web site.