Business Systems Compatibility

This page shows a list of campus business systems and their connection requirements. Most systems are web-based, so ITS supported browsers are listed as well. Standard desktop support from ITS is available for the following web browsers: 

ITS Supported Windows Browsers ITS Supported Mac Browsers
Internet Explorer
Firefox Firefox

(Note: Firefox is updated every 4-6 weeks. We support the latest version.)

The campus system is compatible with the supported browser if there is a  in the corresponding box (exceptions are noted).

Campus Business System Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Java
ADFS/Alumni, Donor, Friends System


AIS/Academic Informaton System
CruzPay (ETAS)
CruzTime (via web)
Data Warehouse (Infoview XI) 7
EMF Survey
FAMIS (updated 7/15) 8
FIS/Banner √ (recommended) √ (recommended)  7
GARP/Graduate Admissions Review Portal
Google Mail
IT Request
Millennium v5 or 6 7
MyUCSC Portal (AIS)
NES/Narrative Evaluation System
PPS (via web)
RMS/Recruitment Management System √ (recommended) √ (recommended)
UR Portal (ADFS) 7

For more information about these business systems, please visit the Campus Business System Support page. 

Please contact me with any questions or comments. Thank you.

John Lallemand
Software Release Manager