Telecommunications Infrastructure Upgrade

Current Activity

  • Inside Plant Structured Cabling work is almost complete at the Arboretum, Horticulture 1 & 2 and at the Visual Arts Research Facility (VARF).

  • Thimann, Sinsheimer and PSB are next on the schedule for cabling and equipment installations More information

  • VoIP pilot in Humanities is complete.

  • Phase B Project Planning Guide has been completed and submitted to UCOP; expected detailed design work to commence in November if approved.

  • South Core construction will be completed by August 30th

General Overview

Overview of Program

UC Santa Cruz developed a ten-year telecommunications master plan to guide investments in communications infrastructure over the next decade in support of campus instruction, research, and administration. This plan is in alignment with the 2005 Long Range Development, Coastal Long Range Development, and 10-year Campus Capital Plans. It known as the Telecommunications Infrastructure Upgrade Project (TIU) and is being implemented through a series of projects described below.  

The intent of the TIU project is to provide a more robust communications infrastructure (greater reliability, less down time), provide for higher speed networking to the desktop to meet the needs of a research university, provide more extensive wireless coverage in recognition of the mobile environment we work and live in, and to converge the voice, data, and video systems into a unified infrastructure to reduce overall construction costs. There are two major components of work to achieve this - one is capital construction related and the other is technology related.


Capital Construction

Overview of Program

There is significant construction required to achieve the goals of the TIU project: Telecommunications closets have to be expanded or created to house the new network equipment and to provide for battery or generator backup power, inside plant cabling has to be installed to replace the old and limited cabling currently in buildings, new outside plant fiber must be installed to provide sufficient connectivity and diverse paths, new interior and exterior wireless access points need to be added, new network switches must be installed in closets and Voice over IP cable telephones have to replace existing phone sets. This work will take place in four construction phases that take place over a period of five years. These four phases represent different campus geographic areas, grouped by each area’s primary network routing hub known as an Area Distribution Facility (ADF).  A map of the campus showing the areas being upgraded during each phase can be found here:

Technology Infrastructure

Overview of Program

A host of technology improvements are required in order to support the communication services that will be made available once the capital construction is complete. These improvements are being made via a number of technology projects which include enabling Voice over IP technology, enabling Video over IP technology, enabling enhanced 911 services, developing prototypes for in-building distributed antenna systems, stabilizing the existing infrastructure so it is maintainable over the construction period, decommissioning aging and unused services in the residence halls, and documenting the physical plant and building structures in a way that supports the capital construction, etc.


If you have questions, please contact Jackie Davis at or call (831) 459-1660.