Google Sites

G-Suite: Google Sites

Google Sites enables you to build rich websites without code by simple and easy to learn tools. You can make the site public or restrict access to a set of users. A site can be set up very quickly.

Migrate from Classic Sites to new Google Sites by 2021

Google is building more enterprise-focused features into new Sites and will be ending Classic Sites at the end of 2021. The new Google Sites will become the only version of Google Sites. Owners of Google Classic Sites will need to plan to migrate sites to a new solution by the end of 2021. Classic sites will be deleted.

Migration Options

If using the migration tool, will everything transfer?

Most everything should transfer but there will be differences. Check out Google's What to Expect when converting a site for details.

View this video to learn more about the Google Sites roadmap.


  • No cost
  • No code
  • Enterprise solution used for department intranets and departmental sites.

Site Examples

Help and Training


General information on using Google Sites with assistive technologies can be found on Google’s Use Google Sites with a screen reader page


Google Sites enables users to decide who may view their websites. You can:

  • Make your site public, allowing anyone to view it.
  • Allow specific individuals to view it.
  • Allow specific individuals to both view and edit it.