Change Management

The overall goal of Change Management within the ITS Division is to align changes to the business and academic environment by minimizing impact and reducing the risk of unintended service disruptions. The process should provide high visibility and open lines of communication between functional teams and the business.

Change Management is the process to manage the introduction of any enhancement, modification, update, installation, or removal of any hardware, software, interface, or database that will impact the existing production environment.

The methods to submit change requests are through IT Request or SC Update. Approved Change Requests will be documented on the ITS Maintenance Calendar by the Change Manager.

Change Classification

Changes are classified by the urgency of the change and the potential customer impact.

Pre-approved Standard Change: A standard change is a change to a service or infrastructure for which the approach is pre-authorized by change management. A standard change has an accepted and documented procedure to provide a specific change requirement. Standard changes are well-known and low risk.

Normal Change: Normal changes are the most common and preferred method of submitting a change. These changes follow the change management approval process.

Emergency Change: A change in response to a critically-failing, high-urgency incident related to a service failure that resolves (temporarily or permanently) that incident. An Emergency Changes does not flow through the full lifecycle, but must have manager approval before work is performed.

Change Approval Criteria

Normal Change:

  • The Change Manager will review and approve changes on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Changes need to be requested for approval by 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Change requests submitted after 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays will wait until the next approval day to be reviewed
  • The Change Manager expects that Change Requests presented for approval meet the following criteria:
    • Change Requests are submitted in IT Request or via Email (SC Update)
    • The information contained in the Change Record record fields are completed
  • Approved Changes will be added to the ITS Maintenance Calendar

Pre-approved Standard:

  • Standard Changes require one time approval by the Change Manager to be classified as a standard change
    • Create and complete the standard change template in IT Request
    • Submit change for one time approval
    • Upon the one time approval the standard change can occur without being individually approved by the Change Manager every time it is scheduled

Emergency Change:

  • Change Requestor submits Emergency change request (via ITR or SC Update) and includes justification for the emergency change
  • Functional Manager authorizes the work to occur based on assessment of impact, risk, and urgency and communicates to SC Update
  • The Change Manager initiates post implementation review with the ECAB if applicable
    • Criteria for ECAB review is based on impact. Examples include - duration of outage and number of users impacted.

For a hard copy of this process: ITS Change Management Process

If you have questions, contact:

Contact Tania Pannabecker regarding the Change Management process.

Contact Lisa Bono regarding communication.