UCSC Accounts & Passwords

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All students, faculty, staff, and people affiliated with the campus are assigned a UCSC Accountcalled CruzID. ITS provides support for all UCSC computer accounts, CruzID accounts, and CruzID Gold and Blue passwords. 

Electronic Official Communications Statement: Official UCSC electronic correspondences will be sent to @ucsc.edu email addresses. More information


CruzID Gold and Blue Passwords

There are two types of CruzID passwords - Gold and BlueGET PASSWORD HELP

Types of Accounts

CruzID Accounts

Your CruzID is your UCSC Account, sometimes referred to as your username, that gives you access to many campus services. MORE INFORMATION

Sundry Accounts

Sundry Accounts are issued to people affiliated with the campus who need a CruzID and are not faculty, staff, or students. Sundry Accounts require an active staff or faculty to sponsor the account. MORE INFORMATION / REQUEST A SUNDRY ACCOUNT

University Enterprise System Accounts

ITS provides account management for university enterprise systems including FIS, NES, AIS, PPS, eCommons, CruzBuy, InfoView. To request an enterprise system account or manage an existing one, go to: ACCOUNT ACCESS / FORMS  

GoogleApps-Only Accounts

A GoogleApps-Only account is a campus business email address that includes Google Email, Calendar, Documents and other Google applications available to UCSC. MORE INFORMATION / REQUEST ACCOUNT

Operational Accounts (Functional Accounts)

Operational accounts are not for an individual. This account is used for the purpose of testing an application or computer authentication. REQUEST AN OPERATIONAL ACCOUNT Log in with your CruzID and Gold password to access the form.