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The ITS Division is led by the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology and consists of nine ITS units, 240 staff, and nearly 150 student workers. We are a service and solutions collaborative organization focused on providing useful, timely and thoughtful information and assistance to our university community.

ITS Reorganization 2019

Our Focus

We use technology to support business model innovation, to generate new revenue streams, to create a deeper connection with campus constituents and to create operational efficiencies for the campus.

Our Values

Integrity, client focus, knowledge, team work, and fulfillment are the cornerstones of our culture.

Our Purpose

We use technology, innovation and operational excellence to maximize UCSC’s global impact by creating value and joy.

Our Mission

We are a transformational campus innovation nexus that supports and amplifies the value of UCSC research, teaching, learning and digital experiences.

Inspire - Lead through tech imagination, ideation and storytelling

Integrate - Bring together people, ideas and energy

Accelerate - Make things happen faster

Amplify - Make bad things good and good things great

Who We Are Guiding Principles