The ITS Division is led by the Vice Chancellor of Information Technology, Aisha Jackson, and is powered by 243 dedicated staff members who bring their expertise to the forefront of our operations. We are fortunate to have the support of nearly 100 student employees, whose contributions enrich our organization and its mission.

Together, our diverse and talented teams form the backbone of our division, driving innovation and excellence across IT services.


ITS advances the learning, teaching, research and service mission of UC Santa Cruz.


ITS provides exceptional, modern, accessible, and secure services, and engages in strategic partnerships with academic and administrative divisions.


Building on the UCSC Principles of Community:

  • We celebrate our individual and collective successes.
  • We communicate with one another clearly, respectfully, and responsively in support of the common goal of meeting the needs of students, faculty, and staff.
  • We approach each other with curiosity and assume positive intent in our interactions with one another.
  • We make, negotiate, and keep commitments with one another and to others outside of ITS.
  • When making decisions within our sphere of influence, we ensure alignment with the ITS vision and mission.
  • When disagreements arise, we address them directly. If we are unable to reach agreement, we seek assistance in finding a resolution.
  • We may disagree while a decision is being made, but once a decision has been made, we commit to it.

Design Principles

  • We meet student, faculty, and staff needs by anticipating and understanding the problems they are trying to solve and in alignment with ITS standards.
  • We actively seek opportunities to collaborate within ITS.
  • We design exceptional and modern services that are efficient, effective, resilient, sustainable, accessible, and secure.
  • We operate exceptional and modern applications, infrastructure, and systems, ensuring their availability and reliability.
  • We seek to understand, proactively communicate, and mitigate when our practices might impact the student, faculty, or staff experience.
  • We actively seek out and utilize data, and the experiences and expertise of others, to inform, develop, continuously improve, and when necessary sunset our services.