DocuSign® empowers staff and faculty to design secure, fully digital workflows including legally binding signatures, and enables students and other campus affiliates to sign official university forms. 

DocuSign is available at no charge to campus staff, faculty, and students.

Access DocuSign


  • DocuSign works with your CruzID email address.
  • It will not work with Google email aliases.
  • If you have another email address such as @ucolick.org, @soe.ucsc.edu, or @scipp.ucsc.edu, please note they will not work with DocuSign for sending or receiving documents.

If you have received a DocuSign email to your Google email alias, please notify the sender and have them resend it to your CruzID email address.

Coronavirus Updates for DocuSign

We are anticipating an increased use of DocuSign as we transition to remote university operations. If you have a document to send out that requires your signature we have a step-by-step guide available. 

Recording Training Series

The following recorded training series is available in the UC Learning Center.

  • DocuSign 101 (1 hour, April 2020)
  • DocuSign Templates and Powerform Creation (2 hours, April 2020)
  • DocuSign Advanced Templates (2 hours, April 2020)
  • Advanced Powerforms (1.5 hours, May 2020)
  • Advanced Workflow Session (1 hour, May 2020)
  • Conditional Routing (1 hour, November 2020)

How to Get an Account

DocuSign Roles

  • Signers can sign documents, create and save signatures, and track the routing status or workflows in which they are identified as recipients. 
  • Senders can send envelopes to others or be designated by the sender as a 'manage envelope' role and have the ability to change routing for subsequent recipients for a given envelope.
  • Form Masters can create forms (and also have all the access of senders and signers).

To obtain signer and sender roles, Log into DocuSign and create your DocuSign account or if someone has sent you something to sign, your account is created during the signing process. Review the Use Guidelines and Getting Started resources to learn how to start sending.

To obtain a form master role, email help@ucsc.edu with the subject line "DocuSign: Form Master Role Request" and someone will get back to you. We will provide you with training materials and ask that your build your first form in our demo environment, which you can then import directly into the live environement. To work in the demo, no request needs to be made. Simply login with your UCSC credentials and you will automatically have upgraded permissions. 

For those interested in experimenting with form master features, you may log into the demo platform. The demo platform allows you to experiment with form master DocuSign features without affecting your real account. Any templates created in a demo platform can be transferred to the real account upon request.

Do you have signing authority for contracts or legally binding documents?

UCSC maintains strict controls on signing authority, such that only certain persons at the university are allowed and have the authority to sign contracts and other documents that legally bind the Institute. If in the course of your work at UCSC you are asked by someone, inside or outside the university, to sign a contract or legal document, you should contact the Office of the General Counsel to determine if you have appropriate authority.

Important Security Guidelines

Report suspicious emails. Please send phishing emails to DocuSign's security team at spam@docusign.com

Tips to help spot the difference between real and spoof emails

Retention for DocuSign Documents

The DocuSign instance should not be regarded as the final repository for the purpose of retaining university records.  Completed documents in DocuSign are purged every 90 days.

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