DocuSign® eSignature is an electronic signature tool that enables users to send and sign secure and legally binding documents as well as input other data into a document with some basic automated document workflow. Some of the benefits of DocuSign include faster signatures, reduced costs, improved visibility, and more efficiency and control of the signature process.

Log in to DocuSign

Log in to DocuSign and create your DocuSign account (if you haven't already).


  • DocuSign works with your CruzID email address.
  • It will not work with Google email aliases.
  • If you have another email address such as @ucolick.org, @soe.ucsc.edu, or @scipp.ucsc.edu, please note they will not work with DocuSign for sending or receiving documents.

If you have received a DocuSign email to your Google email alias, please notify the sender and have them resend it to your CruzID email address.

Eligibility for Using DocuSign eSignature

All campus staff, faculty, and students can use DocuSign to sign DocuSign documents that are sent to them. See how to sign documents for more information. See Getting Started for tips on using DocuSign.

Sending functionality is currently available to those individuals who are in the campus pilot program. 
DocuSign will be available for all campus staff and faculty to send documents starting early 2020.
If you are interested in learning more, complete the interest form and someone will contact you. 

DocuSign is available at no charge to campus staff, faculty, and students.

Start Signing with DocuSign

Set up your signature in DocuSign

How to sign a DocuSign document

UCSC maintains strict controls on signing authority, such that only certain persons at the university are allowed and have the authority to sign contracts and other documents that legally bind the Institute. If in the course of your work at UCSC you are asked by someone, inside or outside the university, to sign a contract or legal document, you should contact the Office of the General Counsel to determine if you have appropriate authority.

Important Security Guidelines

Report suspicious emails. Please send phishing emails to DocuSign's security team at spam@docusign.com

Tips to help spot the difference between real and spoof emails

Community of Practice

Get involved! Join the DocuSign Community of Practice.

UC Tech Slack Channel

Join UCSC Google Group for DocuSign

UCSC DocuSign Members:

  • Physical Planning Development & Operations (PPDO)
    Michelle Cole, Zaunna Wells, Erika Solberg, Kevin Centofanti
  • Capital Planning & Space Management
    Bradley Angel
  • Financial Affairs
    Aaron Hicks, Dylan Brownell, Tomas Hernandez
  • Office of the Registrar
    Tchad Sanger
  • Office of Research
    Jeffrey Jue
  • ITS
    Andrea Gilovich
  • Office of Sponsored Projects
    Kevin Hagedorn
  • Risk Services Workers Compensation
    Cindy Delgado


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