DocuSign eSignature

DocuSign eSignature allows you to send, sign, or acknowledge documents electronically, including legally-binding signatures. With DocuSign eSignature, you can design secure, fully digital business processes and workflows.

Benefits and Features

  • Collect form data, approvals, and electronic signatures.
  • Tracks and verifies identity and provides auditable certification. 
  • Create or collect legally-binding electronic signature(s). 
  • Secure and verifiable transactions, legal for eDiscovery.
  • Build forms and templates for digital business processes. 
  • Massively scalable form delivery with bulk send options.
  • Use Approval Groups for teams with administrative processes.


Staff, Faculty, Students


No additional cost.


For specific issues with DocuSign eSignature, 

  • Or, call DocuSign eSignature support (1-206-965-8590)