Information Technology Governance

Information technology (IT) governance provides advice, oversight, and contributes to campus strategies for IT at UCSC. One major function of governance is to focus on alignment: making sure that IT activities across campus support the mission of the university.

The governance process helps the campus define the role of information technology in pursuing its mission. It promotes informed decision-making to advance the business and academic goals of UCSC. To accomplish this, campus and divisional representatives discuss and recommend strategies, high level policies, and review and advocate solutions for issues facing the campus.

IT governance consists of a parent committee, the Advisory Committee for IT (ACIT), and subcommittees with specialized areas of focus. For more information about these committees, including their charge, their membership, and their schedules, please see the links below.

Student Participation

We seek students to sit on our governance committees because most governance recommendations affect students in some way, and many of them are crucial to the way students learn and live at UCSC. Without a student representative, committee discussions don't reflect student perspectives.

Why Serve? Students know best what technology they want and need. Serving on these committees provides an opportunity to help shape the technological resources that are available to students today and in the future. Serving on these committees will expose students to the faculty, administrators, staff and technicians that shape important decisions at UCSC. It will provide answers to questions about, "Why is it done that way?" It also looks great on a resume or a graduate school application.

Please contact Laurie Swan at 459-2242 if you are a student at UCSC and interested in participating on one of the IT Governance committees.

The Information Technology Committee (ITC) served as the parent committee for information technology governance from 2000-2008. In that capacity, this committee oversaw the creation of the Division of Information Technology Services, and assisted in establishing initial priorities for campus technologies. In 2009 the Executive Vice Chancellor restructured and re-charged the committee to better reflect and represent campus needs in the current environment.