Physical Security

Are you aware of a need for Physcial Securtiy for you building or location but are unsure of the best solution? ITS provides the expertise to assess, install, and run electronic card access and security camera surveillance systems. Both of these systems integrate with the campus burglar alarm system. This service covers new installations or upgrades and on-going support. ITS works closely with the campus lock shop staff to ensure compliance with the campus lock policy.

This service includes:

  • system design and implementation
  • training and documentation, account access, on-going maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • liaison with Physical Planning & Construction, campus police and dispatch, ITS technicians


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. See "Getting Help" for details.

Standard Maintenance Schedule
A regular maintenance window will be scheduled for each installation. Systems will still operate normally during these times.

Getting Started

For those considering a new implementation of electronic door access, a security camera system, or a modification or addition to an already existing system, contact your Facility Coordinator through IT Request they can request an Omnilock assessment which will include an assesment to suggest the optimum solution based on risks and constraints. 

Getting Help

If you are having problems with door access or security cameras, contact your Facility Security Coordinator. If you are not sure who to contact, contact UCSC Dispatch 459-4861 or the ITS Support Center for instructions.