Classroom Unit 002 Media Info

Classroom Unit 002 Front of Classroom Image

Image 1. Facing the front of the classroom from the seats.

Classroom Unit 002 Podium Image

Image 2. Instructor's view of the media podium.

Classroom Unit 002 Media Cabinet Image

Image 3. Instructor's view of the media podium equipment rack.

Classroom Unit 002 Rear of Classroom Image

Image 4. Instructor's view of the rear of the classroom from the podium.

Seating Capacity: 472

Building/Facility ID: CL 002

Media Equipment List:

  • Dual Data Projectors, 16:10 aspect ratio
  • VGA laptop input
  • HDMI laptop input
  • Video Cassette Player
  • Cable Television
  • Installed Macintosh
  • Installed Windows computer
  • Wired Internet Connection at lectern
  • Webcasting
  • Blu-ray/DVD/Compact Disc
  • 2 Document Cameras
  • 2 Wireless Microphones, 1 lapel, 1 handheld
  • Assistive Listening Device


This room is capable of 16mm film  and 35mm slide projection but does not have installed  projectors. Please contact Media Services at 459-2117 to arrange for delivery.

1280 x 800 data resolution capability.

Installed computers have: CD, DVD drives and USB access ports for flash drives. Software includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Keynote, Artstore, Adobe Reader, Flash, Quicktime, VLC, SFTP and SSH software, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Earth.

Webcasting: Classroom presentations can be recorded digitally, archived and streamed on the Internet for later viewing. Data/Audio webcasting only (no video). By prior arrangement. Request class recording at