Ed Discussion

Ed Discussion is a powerful threaded Q&A platform that allows instructors to moderate and facilitate course-wide communications.  It has many features not available in Canvas discussions. The platform supports synchronous and asynchronous online discussions that allow students to post questions, answer each other questions and easily identify instructor endorsed answers. Instructors can create customizable thread categories, and subcategories, allow anonymous posting.  It also supports LaTex and multiple computer programming languages for runnable code snippets.

Ed Discussion is a FERPA-compliant tool that integrates with your Canvas course. Students can access Ed Discussion through a link on the Canvas Course Navigation bar or directly by logging in at Edstem.org with their CruzID.

For graded discussions, we recommend using standard Canvas Discussions.

Please see our Ed Discussion Guide for more information. If you would like to discuss how best to use Ed Discussion, please come to Virtual Office Hours or email canvas.help@ucsc.edu to set up a consultation.