UCSC Firewall

Service Summary

UCSC Firewall Services provide automated security tools used to filter out known malicious network traffic and protect server and end user networks. Malicious network activity is designed to exploit vulnerabilities in devices connected to UCSC's network, allowing others to gain unauthorized access to, and control of, network devices and the information they hold.

Network Server Registration Service

Network server registration is required to allow hosting of a website or device on the UCSC network that does not require onsite (through the campus network) or UCSC or DC VPN to access. This service is available to UCSC Students, Faculty, Staff. Hosting websites/devices must meet the minimum security standards per the UC Electronic Internet Security Policy (IS3).

Request or change service

Registration and/or changes are processed within seven business days. This service is funded by Information Technology Services. There is no direct charge to the department requesting.

Self-Service Support

If you believe a website or server is being blocked by the UCSC Firewall, access the site or server onsite (through the campus network) or via UCSC or DC VPN. If you are able to access while on, but not off, access to this site is protected by the FireWall. If you wish to make it available to non-UCSC affiliates registration is needed.

Getting Help

Support for this service is available M-F, 8AM-5PM. To request support, visit SlugHub and assign it to the following categories:

  • Create New Incident
  • Keyword UCSC Firewall or network server registration

Consultation priority is first in first out unless prioritized otherwise by management.