Learning Glass

Academic Affairs Vice Provost Herbie Lee using the Learning Glass to teach statisticsLinguistics Professors Pranav Anand and Jim McCloskey use the Learning Glass to present engineering problems with linguistic theory
(L): UC Santa Cruz Academic Affairs Vice Provost, Herbie Lee
(R): UC Santa Cruz Linguistics Professors, Pranav Anand and Jim McCloskey (Why don't we say what we mean? via University of Califonia)

The Learning Glass is like a traditional whiteboard or blackboard but is made of glass. The instructor can face the viewer. Unlike what would happen in the classroom, the instructor looks through the board at the camera. This creates an engaging, natural, relaxed, and friendly viewing experience for students.

The Learning Glass was initially developed at San Diego State University (SDSU) by Dr. Matt Anderson and was first built by Dr. James Frazee’s group at Instructional Technology Services at SDSU. Simultaneously, Michael Peshkin was developing his "Lightboard" at Northwestern University. The University of California, San Diego was the first of the UC campuses to build a Learning Glass, and several more followed. Colleges and universities across the US are implementing different versions of this technology.

A summary of service include:

  • The use of the Learning Glass Studio in McHenry Library

  • The availability of technician to set up and monitor recording

  • Some post-production preparation of recording

  • The availability of editing studio and software to make additional modifications

This service is available for faculty, graduate student, or staff to use for the creation of instructional materials. Please contact online@ucsc.edu for information about using this service.