Academic Divisional Support

Technology Engineering in Information Technology Services (ITS) provides local, specialized services to the academic divisions. Working with the deans, principal officers and their designates, the Divisional Liaisons manage projects against a portfolio of locally prioritized services that augment those provided centrally in support of divisional goals.

Divisional Liaisons

Divisional Liaison Council reflects the union of the academic and institutional support divisions and provides federated points of view through representation on campus and IT committees and serves as a bellwether of aggregated IT needs at the divisional level. The DL Council works cooperatively to define and deliver incubation services, providing important capacity for the organization to respond quickly to the evolving campus.

The Divisional Liaisons provide a conduit for bi-directional communication, bringing localized perspectives to centrally sponsored services and projects. They, in turn, prepare their divisions for structural changes that impact local business processes, thereby facilitating the adoption and implementation of centrally supported infrastructure.