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Schedule events

It’s easy to schedule one-time activities, such as conferences, as well as recurring events, such as staff meetings. When you receive an invitation to an event, you can let everyone know if you're attending with a single click.

Create reminders

To remember something on your to-do list, add a personal reminder.

Share and view calendars

Share your calendar with coworkers, family, and friends so they can easily see when you're available. You can look at other people’s calendars to do the same.

Customize your calendar

You can customize your calendar to match the way you work.

Mobile Devices and Syncing


Calendar Sharing Settings: The default sharing setting at UCSC is that your Google Calendar and meetings are visible to everyone at UCSC, including students. If you would like a more private calendar, adjust your Google Calendar privacy/sharing settings.

If you create a private meeting in Google Calendar and invite people, those attendees can change the private meeting to public only visible on their calendar. Still, there could be privacy concerns. It's good practice not to put any confidential or personal information in the event title or description. More information about keeping your private meetings private

For more information about Google Calendar privacy and security settings go to:

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